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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I'm an unabashed fan of Dropbox. In fact, when I wear my Dropbox sweat-shirt, I get random people walking up to me telling me how great Dropbox is. I haven't seen so many unsolicited declarations of love for a corporation's product since I started wearing Google shirts in 2003.

Nevertheless, once in a while I get chafed by the quota limits, and I have to check out the competition. I picked up a 50GB account a while back due to the Android promotion, and recently tried to use it to share videos that Steve shot on my GoPro camera during the trip.

Well, to cut things short, it's a big major fail. The UI sucks, mostly because it's tied to a web-browser. To be fair, Google made the same mistake in killing G-Drive and assuming that the web-browser was the future of all computer interactions. Dragging and dropping to the browser works, but using the browser to upload large files is stupid and senseless. Furthermore, there's a 2GB upload limit, which defeats the purpose of having a big quota.

Given how the interaction model completely misses the point of shared files, I predict that will be unable to out-compete either Dropbox or Google. If they have an offer to buy the company, they should take it because they will not make it as an independent company.

Not recommended.


Silicon Shadow said...

I will admit to having more information than you do. Not all of which i'll go into. But your analysis is right and wrong. Its true that Box doesn't focus on consumers. You're a consumer. You noticed. This is unsurprising.

The enterprise usecase on the other hand is totally different. Thats where Box cares, and thats where they beat Google/Dropbox time and again, and probably will continue to do so for some time to come. Dismissing the Enterprise as a special case of the consumer, is the failure of Google and Dropbox.

Piaw Na said...

Here's the deal. Their uploads are slow and don't work well even for small files. As far as I'm concerned, that's a deal-breaker, whether you're enterprise or consumer.