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Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Term Review: Canon S100

It's been 4 months since I wrote my first impressions review of the Canon S100. Since then, the camera has been to Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands, and taken lots of pictures of my kid as well.

I'd say that the slimmer form factor has been a bigger deal than I expected. The camera slides into and out of pockets easily, and is far more accessible than any of my previous cameras. The GPS sensor is very nice, and as a result, more of my photos are geo-tagged than ever. Video quality is nothing short of amazing for such a small camera (see: my turtle video, for instance). I get a tingle of delight every time I see the output from this camera, though it still doesn't hold a candle to the 5D Mk 2.

My big complaints are: the charger instead of having 2 LEDs to indicate a full charge, now only has 1 LED that changes color. As a red-green color blind person, I find this very annoying: I have no way of telling whether the battery's charged without asking my wife! My second complaint is that the underwater housing is a little too snug. I no longer have any room to squeeze in a silica gel pack, and so as a result, over time in a humid area (e.g., the tropics), you'll get fog inside the camera housing, which renders your underwater or snorkeling photos worthless.

But seriously, those are nit-picks. This camera is awesome. I highly recommend it. I wouldn't waste my time with any other point and shoot.

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