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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 29-31st: Prologue

XiaoQin and I flew on Jet Blue from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale, then to San Juan, where a 20 minute flight took us to St. Thomas. We arrived at 3:00pm, which was cutting it close to make it to the ferry, so spent the night at the Island View Guest House instead. Set on a hill side, it granted us a beautiful view of Charlotte Amalie and the surroundings.
From BVI 2012

The next day, we caught the first ferry and then taxi'd over to the Serendipity House, where we took a rest before getting picked up at 1:00pm by Tony, the owner of UBS Dive Center, where we tried out dive gear, which we would be renting.
From BVI 2012

Tony had a set back: his boat's twin engines had caught on fire a few nights before, melting bits of the hull along with it, so he wasn't going to be able to give us dive instruction as promised. He foisted us over to Paradise Watersports instead. Unfortunately, the attitude of the instructor didn't go over well with XiaoQin, so she bailed on the instruction.
From BVI 2012

We spent the next day swimming and relaxing on the beach instead, and Arturo Crespo and Cindy Zhou joined us.

Arturo had just spent 2 days at St. John's Virgin Islands National Park, and declared it to be excellent. "The BVI had better be spectacular to top that!" Arturo is well-traveled and a man for all seasons, but I felt surprisingly un-intimidated. My last visit to the British Virgin Islands had haunted me since, and I kept trying to make this trip happen. Having moor'd at Cinnamon Bay and spent a morning there, I deliberately started our charter in Tortola to avoid crossing borders so we could spend the most time in what I considered the fun parts of the virgin islands.

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