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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review: I am Legend

I picked up I am Legend during a Kindle sale after seeing the hugely positive reviews on Amazon. This is the risk with buying so called classics of the genre. When the book was first published in 1954, it was probably incredibly ground-breaking: someone's dissected the anatomy of vampires, and postulated a world in which the vampires have taken over and there's only one man left.

The story is not at all Hollywood: there's no happy ending, there's a consistent theme of despair and desperation with almost no redemption at all in the story. The protagonist is almost entirely clue-free throughout the book. If the book was any longer it would have been too painful to read.

Unfortunately, since 1954, there's been many good books with similar themes, and that are quite a bit more readable. Many of them are easy to find and enjoyable reading, Stephen Brust's Agyar being an obvious example.

While this book was so short it could hardly be a waste of time, it certainly does not live up to the reviews. Not recommended.

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