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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Eva, who rented us the apartment in Vienna, offered to let us visit her in Hungary for a traditional meal in Tata, where she lived, which was also close to Budapest, so we opted for a 3 night stay. I rented a car at the central station in Vienna, which came with a car seat. Baby car seats in Europe in general don't seem to be built as sturdy as the ones I've seen in the US, and people seem to have a cavalier approach to them: our taxi driver, for instance, said it was OK for mom to just take the baby out of the car seat and hold the baby if he was crying.
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It was incredibly warm as we drove to Hungary, and by the time we got to the Tata hotel, we were ready for ice cream. This was Bowen's first experience with ice cream, and of course he loved it. From then on, we could no longer eat ice cream in front of him without him clamoring for it.
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Eva's house turned out to be a gorgeous home they built themselves set into a hill-side. All around us were quiet, pastoral farmland, and it was a relief to be away from the big city of Vienna. The family was planning to move into Vienna in a while, however, because the schools there were better.
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Eva had twins, and the daughter, Sara, loved playing with Bowen and gave him lots of toys as well. As with typical of many Europeans, by the age of 6, she spoke English, French, German and Hungarian!
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The next day, we visited Budapest by car, where we visited the town center, the hero's square, and other scenic areas. Our impression of Budapest was that not only was it cheap even relative to Austria, the food was quite excellent. What we would have to pay 15 Euros for in Austria we would pay half in Hungary and we would get better food. Our friends, however, told us that the Danube river bike path from Vienna to Budapest uses busy roads rather than dedicated bike paths, and advised us to end such a tour in Vienna if possible.
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We spent our last day in Hungary visiting the Hilltop Winery. It had the prettiest and most cleanest pool we'd seen, as well as excellent food. By the time it cooled off enough, we went back to town and rented bikes, turned the Chariot into a bike trailer, and towed Bowen around lake Tata.

My thoughts about Hungary is that it's definitely worth a visit if you're visiting Vienna anyway, and very much worth the 3 days we spent there.

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