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Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: Delta Airlines/Air France

We flew this time on Air France because it offered a directly flight from SFO to CDG. With a kid in tow, I did not want to mess about with connections as much as possible. Flying 3 legs in total during the trip (SFO->CDG, CDG->VIE, CDG->SFO), we had a total of 3 pieces of luggage lost. In particular, when they lost the stroller, they also lost the seat cushion, which was velcro'd onto the seat. This requires substantial force to remove, so I have no idea what happened.

In any case, from talking to my brother who flies a lot. He claims that the problem is not Air France per se, but CDG, which is an airport notorious for losing baggage. If this was all, I'd be forgiving. But Air France has serious problems with their reservation and seat management system. Both on the outbound and inbound flights, they messed with our seat assignments. On the outbound, at least we got XiaoQin a seat with a bassinet. On the return though we got assigned seats without a bassinet, and had to wrangle an exchange to get one. On the outbound, we got loads of baby food. On the inbound, we got nothing. It was ridiculous. It's one thing for this to happen if we were the kind of people who show up late and forget to ask for a bassinet, but we asked 3 times!

All in all, we got everything resolved, but I kept missing United Airline's customer service. I don't be flying Air France again any time soon, and certainly not through CDG.


bawa said...

Agree re Air France. They didn't lose my luggage, but
1) Seats were extremely cramped in Economy even more so than normal.

2) The seats I had selected at the time of buying the ticket online did not exist; they existed but did not correspond to the layout shown when I selected. And the staff just shrugged. Ended up sitting in the middle seat (the worst for me) when I had opted for an aisle seat 2 months in advance.

Conclusion: Travel with my usual Lufthansa, and Munich airport for transfers if possible. Free tea/coffee/chocolate/infusions by nearly every gate area for ALL passengers.

Piaw Na said...

I love Munich, but Lufthansa charges $250/bike. That's unacceptable.