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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

KTSF Channel 26 Interview

I was interviewed in May by the local Chinese language television news about my book, An Engineer's Guide to Silicon Valley Startups. It aired some time in late June, and I'm told aired again fairly recently. I didn't expect the segment to affect my sales, and in retrospect, made a few fundamental errors that I need to correct in the future:
  1. Screw ethnic pride and do the interview in English! The problem with doing it in Chinese is that nobody can Google for my book in Chinese! XiaoQin points out that many Chinese people (rightly or not) think that English is classier and I would net more sales that way. Not to mention that Chinese input is a disaster.
  2. Stop the head-wag. I must have spent too much time with Indian roommates during my formative years.
  3. Get the station to at least show my business card at some point.

In case you can't tell, the interview was done at Ranch 99 in Cupertino Village. All in all, I had to get experience doing TV interviews at some point, so doing it in a Chinese language channel was as obscure as I could get. If I'd embarrassed myself completely (and I could have), nobody would ever have known.

For those who don't know, the channel is subtitled in Chinese, because written Chinese transcends all Chinese "dialects." (Cantonese and Mandarin, for instance, has as much relationship between them as Italian and Spanish, for instance)


Unknown said...

It's a good practice for bigger things to come.

Why is Chinese input a disaster? A more disastrous thing is you probably don't have enough backrubs pointing to your blog.

Why was it done at Ranch 99? It should have been done in front of the plex or somewhere nicer. Oh, and wear a suit!

Piaw Na said...

It was done at Ranch 99 so I could bike there. And I'm not wearing a suit.

Chinese input is a disaster because nobody can use it.

Unknown said...

You mean no *non-native Chinese* can type it. Almost every native I know knows some form of input (pinyin dominates, while TW/HK guys use others).

Piaw Na said...

It's a massive pain for me to use. And my parents prefer to write on a pad.

Xiaoqin said...

It is really entertaining!