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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We flew on June 13th from San Francisco, flying through Charles De Gaulle before landing in Austria. Air France screwed up twice: first, it split XiaoQin and I in the seat assignments, which was fortunately rectified when one woman gave up her seat so that the two of us could sit together and take care of the baby. Secondly, they lost our stroller in Charles De Gaulle, which meant that we were forced to take the taxi to the apartment we rented, since there was no way to carry our two backpacks plus the baby onto the train easily.
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Upon arrival at our rental apartment, our host, Eva met us and gave us the keys and an overview of the apartment. We were too tired to cook, but fortunately we had arranged (with Eva's help) for a baby sitter, Zsanett, who took care of Bowen while XiaoQin and I went and grabbed dinner at the local restaurant which Eva recommended (which turned out to be a Chinese buffet place, common all over Austria).

When we got back, Bowen was asleep, so we managed to get a shower and then turn ourselves in. But of course, we were all jet-lagged, including poor Bowen, so he woke up during the night and had a hard time going back to sleep afterwards, a pattern that would recur for a few days.

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