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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weird Al at the Mountain Winery

Weird Al at the Mountain Winery
Xiaoqin told me that she'd never been to the mountain winery for a concert, so I resolved to take her, as it's one of my favorite venues in the Bay Area for one. (The other nice places are Villa Montalvo, the Warfield Theater, the Orpheum, and the Greek Theater) When I looked at the concert schedule, I saw that Weird Al was playing. How could any self-respecting geek not take his wife to a Weird Al concert?!

Attendance was surprisingly light, with only about 75% of the theater filled. But the show far exceeded my expectations. Weird Al has got to be the most hardworking performer I've ever seen on stage: nearly every song had its own stage setup, its own costume(s), and an accompanying video. The stage setup between songs would have been boring to sit through, except that he also had videos designed to entertain you between songs, as well as videos that would introduce the song or set it up for the audience.

I'm not up to date with all his song parodies, but highlights were: "Smells like Nirvana", "I bought it on Ebay", "Eat it", "Amish Paradise", "Craigslist", "I'm Fat", and the encore was the Star Wars themed, "The Saga Begins", and "Yoda."

It was a lot of fun, and I laughed hard throughout the show. Highly Recommended

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