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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Day 10: Leeds

The road to Leeds was surprisingly long and full of traffic jams for no apparent reason. Once in Leeds, we parked in a parking lot near downtown that had so many stories but so few empty spaces that we ended up on the top floor. Since check in wasn't until later, we first headed over to the Royal Armoury Museum.
This was a huge, free museum full of exhibits and even live demos, including one covering the history of the English assault rifle from the musket days to the latest stuff. They even let your 2-year old handle the (deactivated) rifles.
There were also other exhibits, including the famous Battle of Agincourt.

We went back and checked into the hotel, and I had to move the luggage by hand from the parking lot to the hotel, which was an ordeal, but also gave me the opportunity to move the car to a more convenient location for the next day. I then went across the street to the downtown car free area to explore.
The old-style Victorian arcades were pretty, but what drew Bowen's attention was the sushi shop, Wasabi! So we bought sushi, and Bowen even got his first Japanese convenient store-style handroll, which came wrap in plastic and you'd unwrap it and turn it into a handroll yourself. He loved that and would have it for lunch again the next day.

After we bought take out for mommy and Boen and brought it back to hotel, Bowen and I went for a swim in the hotel pool before coming back for bed.

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