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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Day 11: Grainary Farm Stay

We had bought breakfast at a supermarket the night before, so in the morning we had breakfast in the room, I moved the luggage to the car, and then we checked out, but spent some time in Leeds city center before we left for our farm stay.

The traffic was fast, but we actually had to fill up the car, our first time on this trip before returning the car to Manchester. The car's dashboard had bragged 700+ miles between refuellings, and after all that driving, I was willing to believe it!
All the way to the farm, Bowen had complained that he didn't like farm animals, just bunnies. And of course, when we arrived, what did we see but bunny cages! Bowen loved it.
There was a misty rain, which made us not feel like going anywhere, but also lended the place an other-worldly feel, which you would expect from us being in the Yorkshire Moors.
I had somehow neglected to make reservations for the next evening, which was a Saturday. So a mad scramble ensued. We found a place on AirBnB through Instant Book, so at least we thought we were set.

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