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Monday, September 11, 2017

Day 14: York Train Museum

We checked out of the hotel in the morning after eating in the room, and then walked over to the train museum, which was free! The kiddie rides weren't available, though there was a turntable demonstration. Bowen and Boen spent most of their time in the play area rather than the exhibits, but the museum itself was very well done and well worth a visit.

From York to Manchester Airport was a 2 hour drive direct, but 2 hours and 20 minutes if we drove through the Peak district. We did the latter, but it was so windy that we didn't really stop for pictures, and I noted that there weren't many places along the main highway where you could stop anyway for pictures. It was pretty, but there was nothing wrong in being checked into the hotel early so Xiaoqin and Boen could rest for their flight the next morning, so that's what we did.

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