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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Review: REI Sahara Convertible Hiking Pants (Boys)

I will admit that like many men, I let my wife do my shopping for kids clothing. This is usually for the best: not only am I red-green color blind, I also have zero fashion sense. But when it came to the England walking and cycling trip, I had to get my act together. Hiking and cycling clothing can't be made out of cotton, but Bowen's wardrobe was mostly cotton. Cotton kills in cold or rainy weather.

During a sale, I visited REI with Bowen, but found (perhaps I shouldn't be surprised) that they didn't have any boy's clothing to try on. I settled for Bowen trying out the girl's version, and then went home and ordered the Boy's REI Sahara Convertible Hiking Pants from the website. It wasn't until we owned them and used them for the hiking trip, cycling trip, and backcountry camping trip that we realized how good these are.

For starters, there are belt loops, but you don't ever have to use them. Inside the pants are a set of elastic bands that are controlled by buttons. You essentially can adjust how tight a fit the waist band of the pants are by adjusting where the buttons are on the elastic bands. Totally awesome.

Then, on the days when I had to remove the leggings to turn them into shorts, I was flabbergasted. The left and right pant legs are color coded on the zippers: red on the right and blue on the left. So when you need to turn the shorts back to the pants there's no fumbling on left and right. But wait, what's this? Each leg piece has a second zipper down the middle, and when you unzip them, they undo and come off the leg without the kid having to take off their shoes! I wish my adult convertible pants had these features!

The pants come with a full complement of pockets, unlike most kids pants. Bowen can stick a cliff bar in one, though we tend to use his camelbak for that.

On sale, these pants are about $22. If it were up to me, I'd replace every pair of pants Bowen has with these. They are the best pants ever. Highly recommended.

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