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Friday, September 22, 2017

Review: The Invincible Iron Man Epic Collection

When growing up, I remember reading the initial Spiderman and Fantastic Four stories in black and white shrunk-down paperbacks. I'd never read the Iron Man Collection, so when Marvel had a sale I picked it up. I had no idea that Iron Man was launched under Tales of Suspense, rather than having its own titles, and frequently shared a comic with Captain America. Both stories are pretty jingoistic America vs Russia or America vs the Nazi settings, so there is some commonality.

Reading these as an adult, you can see how simple the stories were. They were also very much full of self-promotion, but that probably didn't matter for the audience. What made them stand apart was the consistent melodrama of the characters and their humanity compared to the DC heroes of the same era.

It was kind of fun, and but you can only take so much of Stan Lee's writing at once, so I found myself having to read it in fits and spurts.

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