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Monday, September 04, 2017

Day 9: Haweswater

This turned out to be a bit of a bust of a day. It all started in the morning when we packed, and while packing I pulled my CPAP machine's hose at the wrong place and tore it! I signed up for Amazon Prime trial in the UK and ordered a replacement shipped to our farmstay in Scarborough, but in the mean time managed to visit the hotel's workshop to borrow duct tape to engineer a temporary fix, which held.

After checking out, we failed to go hiking, then we had lunch in Keswick and did laundry, and then we drove to Haweswater in the rain. We got to the hotel, and in the drizzle I went out for a walk but there weren't any footpaths that were open near by so it was just a lousy road walk.

I got a call from the Castle Inn telling us that Bowen had left his bunny behind! I arranged for it to be sent to the Etrop Grange Hotel by post so we could pick it up when we started our cycling trip.

The food at the Haweswater Hotel was good, but it was windy and rainy. We had a free day tomorrow, and it was forecast for more rain, so we decided to go to Leeds the next day(on the way to the East Coast of England). Rainy days are good for cities and terrible for country side.

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