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Friday, September 14, 2012

Now that's customer service! (AirBnB)

Yesterday, I wrote about my less than satisfactory experience with AirBnB. Today, AirBnB's customer service rep contacted me and said they did an investigation, and did find the cleaning fee to be inappropriate. They've reversed the charge.

Every company will screw up at some point or another. What seals a customer's loyalty is how they deal with the screw up. AirBnB clearly shows that they understand this. My wife and I will probably be willing to give them another try in the future because of this.

1 comment:

Ellen Spertus said...

My guess is that they reversed the fee because of your klout. I know someone else who was ripped off and got no help from customer service until her public complaint was seen by the wife of an AirBnB exec.

In other words, I'm glad AirBnB did the right thing in your case, but I have no confidence they would for the average joe/jane.