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Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Whiteout Volume 2 (Melt)

Whiteout: Melt returns to the world introduced in Whiteout. Carrie Stenko, the protagonist in the first book, returns, this time to investigate an explosion at a Russian base which is suspected of harboring weapons.

Along the way, she meets her Russian counterpart, and they start tracking down a group of suspects who absconded with some valuables.

Unlike the previous story, which was a murder mystery, this one was essentially a thriller, with the identity of the criminals provided right at the start and then the story turns into a pursuit through the Antarctic wilderness. The story is simple, but Carrie gets no character development (and she clearly didn't learn from her previous outing into Antarctica).

It's fine as an airplane read, but it's too short and I finished the book between the plane leaving the gate and reaching cruising altitude. My problem with both books is that they didn't make any use of the graphic novel medium, and could easily have worked as prose novels instead. And if you really want to learn about Antarctica, I suggest you go to the source: read Roland Huntford's The Last Place On Earth instead.

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