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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Review: Whiteout Volume 1

Whiteout: Volume 1 is a mystery story about a serial killer in Antarctica. I wish I could say that it worked for me, but I think this is one of those stories that would have worked better in prose format than in a graphic novel format.

First of all, the book assumes a lot of knowledge about Antarctica that the common reader might not know. For instance, my first impressions about serial killers in Antarctica was: "Hey, it's a bunch of science stations. Very few scientists become serial killers, and there's probably only 12 of them anyway, so how the heck could this be credible?" A novel would have explained to me that my misconceptions were wrong with statistics and some facts, but the comic couldn't do so.

Then there's the motivation for the killings. Again, while plausible, I think it would have been a really thin line. Finally, there's no map showing you where all the places our U.S. Marshal/Detective visited, to get a sense of scale. The transitions are not well done.

The plus side: the art fits the story as well as any art could, and the characterization is good. Rucka doesn't hesitate to put his protagonist through hell. And it's just perfect for an airplane read.

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