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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

My beloved Samsung SBH 500 Bluetooh Headphones died a year or so ago, and it's been a chore finding a suitable replacement. In the interim, I made do with wired headphones, but the last straw came when my ham-fisted handling of the headphones finally created enough wear on my N1 that the headphones just wouldn't stay in the headphone jack, creating sudden music stoppages.

The Sony Ericsson MW600 is by far the most promising of the bluetooth stereo headphones I've tried recently. The best thing about it is that it isn't a fully integrated headset with headphones. Instead, it's a blue-tooth receiver and microphone that turns any standard set of headphones into a bluetooth headphone! Yes, that means my beloved PX100 are now blue-tooth compatible, which grants me no end of delight. Now, this also means you can't be like Uhuru from star trek and hang the headset off your ear, but in practice, any set of ear buds would let you just plug one ear in and clip the microphone to your shirt/blouse so you can talk while hands free in the car or on the bike.

Pairing: the process was straightforward, and I had no problem pairing the MW600 with my Nexus One, my Nexus 7, and my desktop PC. Selecting between them is a little tricky, since the touch strip is a little finicky (and the LED display is difficult to read outdoors), but I managed it. The sound quality is nothing short of amazing. Unlike the SBH500, which tended to be finicky outdoors, the MW600 does not care whether it is indoors or outdoors. There's a built in radio receiver, which also sounds pretty good, even indoors.

The cons? The volume control is a touch strip, and is not great. The forward/back/play/pause buttons aren't clearly delimited, and can be easily confused. I expect that to be no problem as I get used to it. There are reports on the internet that the clip is fragile. I expect the last to hit me eventually, but I've got a bunch of superglue handy.

In any case, I'll be keeping this headset, unlike the other headsets I've sent back. Recommended


nesta75 said...

hi, i was wondering if you tried multiple pairing with phone and nexus 7.i have the previous sony model and cant pair with my nexus 7 there any new information about your experience with this device?

Piaw Na said...

Yes. No problems whatsoever.