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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Review: Skizz

Skizz is a standalone graphic novel by Alan Moore. It was first serialized in 2000 A.D> at the start of his career, and the plot sounds very much like E.T.: an extra terrestrial is stuck on Earth, and some high schoolers end up having to rescue him from the government.

Despite what feels like a derivative plot, the book works in typical Alan Moore fashion: the high schooler who finds Skizz is a self-confident, actively involved girl, Roxy. There are many funny moments as she tries to figure out on her own what to do with "her" Alien. Skizz does learn to talk, and he does not seem as pathetic as the E.T. from the movie.

Finally, the end of the story is a bit too similar to E.T., but again, Roxy had a plan that did not depend on the Deus Ex Machina. I liked that.

Was this a waste of time? No. Is this a don't miss like Swamp Thing or even The Ballad of Halo Jones? No. Mildly recommended, but read the others first if you haven't already read them.

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