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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Review: Clif Crunch Bar

For many years, I've relied on the Clif bar as my standard bar for on the bike or hiking nutrition. It's a moist tasty bar that fits in the jersey pocket, doesn't go bad too quickly, and tastes better than many of the alternatives I've tried. The bad thing about them: cost. You can occasionally find them for $1/bar at the supermarket when there's a sale, but they frequently cost as much as $1.50 per bar. Given that a decent length bike ride can use up 2-4 bars, it's really expensive. And your usual suspect for low prices, Costco, doesn't let you choose flavors, but instead gives you a variety pack.

Well, I recently saw the Clif crunch bar at Costco. These are much cheaper, around $0.40/bar from Amazon, with a subscribe and save option that's even cheaper. You might think that they're less calorie dense, but at 200 calories per package, they're just as calorie dense as the regular clif bar. They even taste better (I sampled both peanut butter and the chocolate macadamia nut versions)

I've been using them for the last 4 months and they're really pretty good. You might think that they'd fall apart during a ride, but in practice, that's rarely happened, and when they did fall apart, it wasn't an issue: I wanted them in smaller bite size pieces anyway! They're no good if you have to eat while riding, because if they fall apart on a bite you'll lose bits of the bar. But I'm a bike tourist, not a racer. And at the price difference, you could lose half a package per use and still come out ahead.

Highly recommended. I'll be switching to them permanently for my long distance rides and hikes.

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