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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Review: The Apocalypse Codex

After The Fuller Memorandum, Stross lost a lot of credit with me. He's simply not capable of producing a spy thriller the way John Le Carre or Tim Powers does. So when The Apocalypse Codex came out, I just put a hold on it in the library expecting to not get past a couple of chapters.

Fortunately, Stross returns to form in this novel. Bob Howard, the protagonist, has been promoted into management and is now assigned to take care of two contractors. The plot revolves around an evil TV evangelist (are there any other kind?) and of course, Lovecraftian horrors.

The setting has lost all of its freshness at this point, but Stross manages to keep it lively and of course, his usual sneer on American culture and religious fanaticism is fun for those of us who are religious cynics. The book is short and easily finished on a moderate length plane ride.

Recommended as an airplane novel. But read The Atrocity Archives or The Jennifer Morgue first if you haven't already done so.

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