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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tetons/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 10: Bridge Bay to Bozeman Hot Springs KOA

I woke up determined to beat the traffic jam and get to Mammoth Hot Springs before the crowds, so we managed to leave before 7:30am.
Arriving at Mammoth hot springs at 9:00am, we managed to see most of the sights there under cloudy skies and light rain before most of the tourists arrived, and then headed back down to boiling river for a perfect busk in the hot springs before leaving the park.
We headed out the park and upon the advise of one of the folks we met at boiling river, headed straight for Livingston and Mark's In & Out Burger. It was cheap and excellent, and then we drove towards Bozeman.

Because of the huge amount of construction in Yellowstone, our windshield had cracked. When I called the rental company, they were singularly unsympathetic, and told us that we were stuck repairing it. Fortunately, the folks we contacted in Bozeman gave us a quote and promised us a repair the very next morning.

Since it was my mom's birthday, we went out to a steak house in celebration for dinner. It was excellently priced, with very tasty steaks. I was impressed. We ended up staying at the Bozeman KOA next to Bozeman Hot Springs, and so that night paid the discounted entrance and enjoyed another busk in the hot springs, though in a much more artificial environment than in the National Park. Having had enough of warm springs, Bowen decided that he'd rather swim around in the cool pool instead, which was fine by me.

It thunderstormed that night, but we enjoyed having power, water, and clean rest rooms for a change after "dry camping" for 3 days in Yellowstone.

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