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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 6: Flagg Ranch to Colter Bay

The morning woke us up to rain and fog. It would be silly to take a boat out in this weather, but Old Faithful, Paint Pots, and the Geysers in general are immune to poor weather, so we went with the flow rather than trying to fight mother nature.
We arrived at the Old Faithful Area at 9:30, which meant that the parking lot was mostly empty and we did not experience any traffic jams. Not only could we leisurely lounge around waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, we could also look at the maps to see that Daisy was also due to erupt at a reasonable close time, so we could get 2 geysers for the price of one. I'm glad we made the effort to see Daisy, as compared to Old Faithful it's quite a bit more impressive, with an eruption time that felt significantly longer. Without the huge crowds in place, it was also a much more intimate experience. After that, we took a leisurely walk back via the various pools and geysers, and then visited the paint pots before heading towards Colter Bay.
By then, the skies had cleared some and we stopped by Lewis lake for some pictures. But what really took our breath away as we approached Colter Bay was the open views of the Tetons, now in its full summer glory.
By the time we got to Colter Bay a frenzy had over-taken me, and rather than try to find Kevin and his family to meet up, I went full-on into photo-mode and tried to find a location to shoot the sunset (and the sunrise the next morning). Colter Bay is very close to the beach, and the picnic area is easily the most picturesque in the park:

We had dinner and made plans to see the sunrise the next morning. Since we'd already seen Old Faithful et al, we weren't in a particular hurry to reach our campground the next day, so I proposed that we spend most of the day at Colter Bay rather than trying to reach the Bridge Bay campground the next day.

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