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Friday, September 04, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 8: Yellowstone's Grand Canyon

We woke up fairly early, ate a quick breakfast, and headed north towards the Canyon area of Yellowstone. I'd thought about booking tours in the area so I didn't have to lug the multi-ton RV around all the time, but the reality was that everything I was interested in was already booked up. With the giant RV, I thought I'd use most of the day to see the Grand Canyon area, and then come back to do laundry near the lodge.

We saw Bison on the way to the Canyon area. I would learn to hate the Bison, because they would create traffic jams whenever we had to traverse this section, but this early in the morning it was no problem. The Canyon area of Yellowstone looks impressive, but you really only need to see it once in your life. Seeing it a second time felt kinda boring. Yellowstone's not one of my favorite parks. (My personal favorite is Glacier National Park)

I was determined not to have dinner or shower in the campground at that awful canted site that evening, so after laundry, I tanked up the RV and we plonked ourselves right in front of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel right on the vista point near the beach. We probably ruined the view for those folks paying $600/night to stay at the hotel, but we had a flat parking lot and enjoyed views of Lake Yellowstone for the evening.

After dinner and showers, we headed back into the campground and slept canted. It wasn't comfortable, but at least our bellies were full and we were showered.

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