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Monday, September 14, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 14: Lava Hot Springs to Ogden

We went tubing in the morning, with Bowen hobbling his way to the rental shop, and then hobbling to the tubing put-in. I was very impressed that the little guy lived up to his word. I was actually a little concerned about the tubing portion, because the tube was constructed in such a way that he could only hang on to one handle at a time. Fortunately, the river was shallow and I could maneuver the tube using my feet. Keen sandals have proven their worth to me over and over again, and they did not fail me this time.

I eventually figured to have him sitting up, while I held on to his life jacket over the whitewater sections. It was by no means an easy balancing act, but it was safe under those very mild conditions. With his low walking speed, we could only manage one run in the hour we had, but he didn't protest (probably because he was tired from all the walking).

We drove the vehicle down to Ogden, where we found an RV site with full hookup and excellent facilities, including a swimming pool. We ate out for lunch to celebrate the end of the trip and the last night of camping, and started the job of packing everything.

In the afternoon, I took Bowen to the swimming pool, and spent a couple of hours there because it was so hot. We made friends with a 10-year-old girl who started talking to us by saying, "Are you Chinese? Because I don't like Chinese people." These little moments make me understand why some people willingly work with children: there's a directness and open-mindedness there that disappears when humans become fully socialized, ironically.

When all was packed, we got ready for the end of our adventure and returning our RV the next day.

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