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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 9: Lake Yellowstone, Tower Falls, and Boiling River

The weather looked nice, and the forecast was for poorer weather the next day, so we checked out a motorboat and went on Lake Yellowstone.
The boat they gave us was superfast, and we made it all the way across the Lake to Steamboat Springs at warp speed, and returned the boat in time to get in the RV, and head out to the Roosevelt area with Tower Falls in mind.

Starting at 10am instead of at 8am, however, meant that we faced traffic jams. So what ought to be an hour drive turned into an hour and a half, at very low speed. Tower falls was disappointing, but the area next to it wasn't, with lava flows that had solidified into what looked like straight columns chiseled out of sheer rock.

It was very hot at this point, but also slightly past noon. We had lunch with the generator running and air conditioning on the whole time but it made next to no difference. After lunch we walked around and then headed over to the Mammoth Hot Springs area, not to see the Hot Springs, but to visit Boiling River to sit in the warm baths.
It was very warm, but the Hot Springs was a lot of fun anyway, and Bowen loved it. By the time we were done it was way too late to see Mammoth Hot Springs and still avoid driving in the dark. The perpetual traffic jam ensured that it was dusk by the time we got back to Bridge Bay, but we still had sufficient like to dump the sewage and take on fresh water.

I remembered that there was a picnic area on gull point that we passed earlier that morning on the boat. We drove over there but it was already taken. Fortunately, there was a turnout just down the road that was both flat and empty, so while we didn't have picnic benches, we could eat and shower on the RV and still enjoy the view of Lake Yellowstone before returning to sleep in the canted campground.

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