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Friday, September 11, 2015

Teton/Yellowstone RV Trip Day 13: Wood River to Lava Hot Springs KOA

We woke up to clear skies and drove down to Sun Valley where gas was cheaper (though not cheap) and added gas and bought a few more groceries.

Our destination for the day was Craters of the Moon National Monument.Doug had told me that it was at most half a day, but the reality is that there was a lot to see if you wanted to see every sight. The weather was fortunately a lot cooler than it had been in the past, and we luckily happened upon a ranger guided hike to one of the lava caves. As a result, not only did we get great explication, he also told us that the Indian Tunnel could be traversed safely and we could go through the cave and pop out on the other side like a ground squirrel. So that's what we did. It was  a lot of fun but it consumed quite a bit of time, so we had to move after that.

Our destination for the day was Lava Hot Springs, which not only had Hot Springs but also a swimming pool with water slides, etc. We found a campground with full service but the only site available was a back-in site with lots of obstacles which required delicate maneuvering requiring no less than 3 spotters out of the vehicle providing directions. It wasn't that hard and we were never in danger but it required a lot of patience, fortunately something I'd learned to have when parking sailboats.

After dinner, Bowen wanted to go to the Hot Springs, so there we went. But after half an hour he stubbed his toe on something and started bleeding, so I had to take him back to the RV. He wanted to do the tubing on the river the next morning, but since I'd have to carry the huge inner tube, I couldn't carry him at the same time, so I told him that he had to be able to walk the next morning or we couldn't do any tubing. He nodded and agreed to go to sleep early so we could go tubing.

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